How to Save Your Carpets – and Sanity – While Potty-Training a Pup

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy – and few things more potentially destructive to your carpet. Before you commit to adding a new pet to your life, you should also commit to taking especially good care of your carpet for the next few months. No matter how diligent your potty training, and how well-meaning your puppy, accidents are going to happen. Follow these tips and you, your puppy, and your carpet will be just fine.

If you see your puppy pee, you’ll want to act quickly. Start by blotting the area with a white paper towel until you’re almost completely unable to pull up any more liquid. Then apply a pet stain and odor eliminator as directed. I’ve used Nature’s Miracle for years; its safe, non-toxic enzymes are very effective at breaking down waste, and removing stains and odors from pee, vomit, and even poop. The key is to use remedies that don’t just mask the odor, but break down the cause of it.

Understand that you’re not going to see (or even smell) every accident. Not every accident will be in plain view or large enough to notice easily. So plan to get a black light – your local pet store ought to have one. Under a black light, urine glows in the dark. Occasional checks with the black light will reveal accidents you’ve missed. Even if they’re small, dry, and seemingly odorless, accidents need to be cleaned. Your puppy can smell any untreated accident, and that smell will compel him to pee again in the same space.

Sometimes, even our best efforts fall short. Our puppies may find an out-of-the-way place to pee, and return there repeatedly. And once urine has a chance to sink down into the carpet and dry, it can be much more difficult to remove. If you find that repeated efforts to remove a stain or a smell have failed, you should consider calling a professional carpet cleaner.

Many professional cleaners specialize in the removal of pee stains and odors. Rainier Chem-Dry, for example, offers a Pet Urine Removal Treatment that can effectively remove even the most persistent odor. According to their website, their treatment removes 99.9% of odors from carpets. If you’re like me, you might find that you feel cleaner and more comfortable in your home after a professional treatment – even if you’ve already dealt with each accident on your own.

Raising a small puppy into adulthood should be a wonderful experience that builds a strong bond with your pet. So don’t let your puppy’s accidents dim your experience (or ruin your carpeting). Treat those accidents quickly and effectively, and take care to find accidents you’ve missed. If stains or odors persist, don’t tolerate them – call a professional carpet cleaner. Follow this advice, and you and your little buddy will exit the potty-training phase before you know it.