Potty-Training Your New Puppy

For many dog owners, the entire housebreaking process is often a bad experience, and can cause your anxiety and worry levels to ramp up. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, this doesn’t have to be so! For both dog owner and puppy, the process doesn’t have to be a stressful time at all. Some of the most important tips for potty-training and housebreaking a new puppy are consistency and sticking to your process. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered on the housebreaking process that should help you when you decide to own and raise a new puppy. We spoke with our friends over at DoodyCalls, a company dedicated to cleaning up dog waste, pet waste, and helping to keep communities cleaner by focusing on waste bags and waste bag stations for cities. Trust us, they have plenty of experience dealing with potty-training new dogs.

  • Taking Them Out Constantly

    • This is a very important tip, and one of our most recommended. Puppies have extremely small stomachs and digestive systems, so after they eat, it’s necessary to take them outside within 5-20 minutes, so they can do their business. This routine will help condition them to realize that after eating, they are supposed to go outside to use the bathroom and relieve themselves. Once you begin to set up routines with your puppy, especially if you have an older dog that is already housebroken and used to following a certain morning or evening routine, they will quickly acclimate to the process and housebreaking will become a breeze.


  • Providing Positive Reinforcement

    • When a puppy is going through the housebreaking process, it’s almost impossible to avoid accidents. Whether they are small urine spots or larger piles of waste, it’s important not to punish your puppy for any accident. It’s vital that you stay calm, and instead of panicking or becoming aggressive towards the puppy, simply remove them from the area and place them where they should use the bathroom. Being assertive, yet relaxed and not aggressive will go a long way towards developing good habits for your puppy.

Regardless of your age or current living situation, many people decide to own a puppy to enjoy the feeling of companionship, as well as helping each other grow and watching a living thing flourish under their care. Dogs are human’s best friends for a reason, and a puppy raised correctly can only bring happiness into the lives of others. It’s important not to let the stress of housebreaking your puppy get into your skin, because this will only cause more headaches and additional stress for both yourself and the puppy. Enjoy their cute, fluffy faces while they are still small, and take the necessary steps to ensure they are properly potty-trained!