Buckle Up! There are now special harnesses out there that are designed specifically for them. Never let them sit in the front either. A deploying air bag can really injure your canine loved.

Brush their teeth regularly! They can have the same problems that a human may experience like gum disease or tooth loss. There are special dog tooth pastes that you can buy straight from your veterinarian that they will actually enjoy. Make it a fun experience.

Provide a healthy diet for your dogs. Try to avoid dyes and get all natural foods if you can. To prevent canine obesity, dogs should have an average of 185 to 370 calories a day depending on their size. Make sure to consult your veterinarian first.

Dogs need to be neutered and spayed to prevent over population. There are up to ten million pets sent to United States animal shelters every year so please help and do your part to prevent this. Doing this also lowers the risk from getting select cancers.

Exams done regularly are a must! These ensure the longevity and health of your canine loved ones. If you are having trouble finding a great Richmond VA veterinarian then Click Here!

Top Dog Health Care Checklist

Dog Health Tips


Make sure to regularly exercise and play with your dog. Your dog needs this stimulation of the brain and body to form a closer bond with you while getting the exercise they need.

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Prevent certain parasites by providing proper flea and heart worm medicines monthly. Fleas can irritate the dogs skin and cause lacerations through scratching. Also if a dog happens to eat a flea infested with worms then the dog too can get tapeworms. Keep up with your dogs medications!!