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I live in an apartment in the city, and don’t have any space for my dog to run around, so I take her to the dog park when I get home from work. It’s just a short 10 minute walk down the street, and she loves playing with the bigger dogs (I think, she and a golden lab named Suzy Q have a thing going on for each other!) Anyway, being a city owned and run park, I have always thought that it was very clean and spacious. Even though the park is used by dozens of other dogs, there isn’t a lot of dog ‘business’ to step around.

 One day, I saw a guy cleaning up dog poop around the park; he was scooping it up and putting it in a big bucket that was on wheels. He had some sort of ‘grabber’ stick that would scoop messes up, so he didn’t have to actually touch anything. I figured it was a city employee, but as I got closer I saw a company logo on his jacket; it was one of those “Doody Calls” dog poop cleanup service companies.

After speaking with him for a few minutes, (his name was Timothy,) I learned that the city actually hires contractors for this type of service. I’m not sure why that surprised me, but it did. Anyway, I also learned that these companies service residential homeowners as well as commercial parks.

I took note of the company name, and when I got home, I immediately called my friend Stacy who has two large dogs, and a small yard. She is constantly complaining about the work involved in cleaning up her yard every week and how she was sick of having to do it. She was ecstatic about the news and told me she was going to call them the next day to set up an estimate for service.

A week or so later, I ran into my friend at the grocery store, and she told me that she hired Doody Calls to clean up her yard on a weekly basis. She said the fees were quite reasonable and well worth it for her own peace of mind. This freed up more of her time so she could incorporate more play time with her dogs.  Having a clean yard is easy when you have a pet waste management service to help you!

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Dog Training Secrets has been a cornerstone of the pedigree canine culture for many generations. We have been training all breeds of dogs with the love and care they need. Our success with creating champion trained pedigrees is through our extensive amounts of experience . We take great pride in our heritage and history and treat every dog like it's our own.

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When you manage a property, you do everything possible to keep it in excellent condition.  
There are some important reasons dog waste bags and stations are useful investments.  


You want the property you manage to be healthy, sanitary, and safe.  This means keeping
our property clean.  One effect of waste is the bacteria and germs that accumulate when
waste is not removed. 

When individuals have the opportunity to clean up after their dogs, it will be a more sanitary environment.  People will not step in waste and track it around the lawn, into the parking lot, or throughout your building.  When you provide dog owners with dog waste bags and a station to deposit them in, it will be a cleaner, healthier environment.  


No one likes to step in waste.  When someone is hurrying in or out of the building, it is an unpleasant experience.  Whether a person lives in the apartment building or is visiting, they certainly do not want waste on their shoes.  

Your tenants and guests can be comfortable when you provide dog waste bags.  Everyone will consider the grounds around your building a comfortable place to be when they do not have the distressful experience of finding waste on their shoes.  


It is not enough to keep the interior of a building looking nice.  The exterior is important, too.  When someone approaches a building, the first sight he will see is your lawn or the parking lot.  If you want people to have a good first impression, the grounds cannot be littered with waste from dogs. 

Bags for owners to collect waste, and a station to deposit the bags, will keep the grounds around the building tidy and attractive.  Without any extra effort on your part, everyone will have a good impression because it always looks nice. 

Property Value 

Whenever you take steps to improve your property, its value increases.  Whether you intend to sell the property at a later date, or only want it to have the most value for you, there is one step you can take that is simple, inexpensive, and effective.  

From one side of the property to the other, it can be clean and beautiful.  You will be proud that you manage this particular property, and your tenants will be proud to live there.  The increase in value will affect you in many different ways.  It is an easy step to take for so many benefits.  

It takes little time to install a station for pet waste.  Tenants who own dogs will gladly cooperate in cleaning up after their pets.  

If you have considered enacting a policy of not allowing pets in your building, this is a much better solution.  You will never have to spend your time cleaning up after dogs, nor risk losing tenants because of a no-pets policy.  

As you may have noticed, pet owners value their dogs as much as property managers value their properties.  You do not want to be in the position of losing valuable tenants by forbidding them to have dogs in their apartments.  You want a solution that works for everybody.  

Dog waste bags will keep everyone happy.  Your tenants can continue enjoying the pets they love, and no one will be bothered by waste outdoors.  The property will always be clean and nice.

Why Property Managers Need Dog Waste Bags

"With a great deal of patience and a whole lot of love we can help turn any dog into the obedient companion we call man's best friend. fbs broker The secrets found here can be carried with you and your best mate for a lifetime." 

As if I didn’t have enough dogs already, I just got a new puppy a couple weeks ago. He’s a Welsh corgi named Louis and he’s just the cutest thing ever! Every time I come home from work, he’s there waiting at the front door for me, wagging his tail and drooling all over the doormat. He even gets along really well with my other dog, and doesn’t bark too much. I took him out to the park this past weekend, and he was so well-behaved – he’s only a few months old and he’s already learned how to “sit” and “stay.” We played fetch and walked around for a couple hours, exploring the outdoors together, until he flopped over out of exhaustion. I guess that meant it was time to go home!

I was surprised by how obedient Louis is, but like most puppies do… he has a big problem with “accidents.” As part of puppy training, I’m taking him out for potty breaks about once every hour, and every time he does his business in the backyard or at the park, I give him a treat. He seems to be learning and getting better, but still, sometimes when he gets excited or nervous he’ll relieve himself on the carpet or the upholstery. Unfortunately, Louis isn’t the only new addition to my home… the carpet is brand new too!

I talked with a friend about the problem we’re having, and she shared a horror story about how there was pet urine building up in her carpet that she wasn’t aware of until the smell became unbearable and she started feeling ill. That’s when she contacted Green Dog Chem Dry. They came to her house for a consultation, and discovered with a black light all the areas where her dog was relieving himself while she was away at work during the day. I was concerned that pet odors could build up and take over my apartment too! Just in case, I called Chem Dry to take a look.

A couple days later, they showed up to my apartment in Virginia Beach. Sure enough, they found a couple urine stains in the living room. They suggested I try their P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). Unlike with steam cleaning, which just spreads urine throughout the carpet, Chem Dry cleans the carpet, then applies an antibacterial to eliminate and prevent odor-causing bacteria. Then they soak the carpet and pad in P.U.R.T. I feel so much better knowing that my house isn’t going to reek of dog urine. And what’s more, the treatment is completely green and eco-friendly, so it’s safe for Louis, and harsh chemicals won’t be triggering my allergies. Nevertheless… I can’t wait until Louis is completely house-broken!

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